Spy Twisty’s Secret Mission
It is a dark time for Australia in World War III and the Germans are planning a bombing raid on King’s College but nobody knows………
What is the product of 57 and 79, anyone?’’Demands Mr Whelan, “Uhhhh, 3537,” answers Isaack, “Incorrect! The correct answer is 4493.’’ Mr Whelan corrects.
Five minutes later Tristan looks at the clock and it’s time to go home! ‘Mr Whelan, its home time.” “Ok then you can go ho-“ Mr Whelan never had to finish his sentence as everyone had already left.
Later on, Tristan emails his friends Bailey and Isaack and tells them to come to his ‘house’, but that is not where they were going. They were going to their secret spy base because they weren’t ordinary kids, they were kids who were enrolled as spies in the army and they had an important mission, to stop the bombing raid on…… wait for it……KINGS COLLEGE!!!!!!!!
“Bailey, is the jet in launch position?” “Yes general.” Tristan was general and it was his responsibility if the mission failed.
“Hey Isaack do you know where Caleb is? We can’t leave until he’s here.” questioned Caleb; Isaack replied ‘No sir, we might have to leave without him.” You see Caleb is a new recruit and this was his first mission. “Maybe he’s in the toilet?” Bailey suggested.
And Bailey was right. Caleb suddenly burst out of the toilet. “Sorry I’m late, I’m a little nervous.” Said Caleb, “Ok then, “Tristan starts, “prepare for lift-off!”
Five minutes later by the launch platform Isaack has plugged in the co-ordinates readied the controls and now Caleb, Bailey and Tristan (also known as SS-1047, SS-1379 and SSG-29717) are armed with everything you could need to fight a war and are ready for their mission (obviously!!!!!!!!!!!)
“10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 engine start and lift-off of squadron 47 in the advanced NU-Class attack shuttle on an infiltration mission of the enemy aircraft hangar.”
Half an hour later he infiltration is under way with the troops parachuting into swampland near the enemy base. “P.U, it stinks!!!” exclaims Caleb, “Be quiet Caleb do you want to be found?!”Said Tristan. After that Caleb keeps his mouth shut. Later on they are spotted and under attack by at least thirty men with machine guns, not the best situation to be in but if you have dual machine guns it’s a pretty even fight. POW, KABOOM, AHHHHH! Those are some of the sounds you will hear but eventually you will hear “click” and that click is the sound of some guns that have run out of ammunition. “Ruuunnn!!!” screams an enemy soldier but I don’t know where he’s going to run because we’ve already surrounded him.
Suddenly we are ambushed and taken captive, which was pretty stupid because the prison is in the middle of their base and about 200m from the nuclear reactor, I still don’t know why they put it in their base.
“Bailey, do you have a seven?” Asked Caleb, “No, go fishing.” Bailey replies, “Would you to clowns shut up! I can hear some guards talking!” Tristan insisted, “Hey Bert, it’s only five more minutes ‘till we get to execute those prisoners.” Said Bill the guard, “Yay, then they won’t be able to spy anymore.” Replied Bert the guard.

Five minutes later the guards open the jail cell but are blasted by SS-1047, SS-1379 and SSG-29717 (their number IDs if you’ve forgotten) backup dual machine guns which are concealed in their belts. “Now, we have to get to the nuclear reactor and blow it to bits a.s.a.p.!” Whispers Bailey, “OK then, let’s go!!” Commands Tristan and off they bolted. When they reach the nuclear reactor they plant their EPA bombs (Extra Power Adder) which in ten minutes would cause the nuclear reactor to overload and go blamo! Which would be a sight to watch but you would only watch it if you wanted to die! “OK then let’s get out of here ‘cause when that thing goes it will blow up the whole base, completing our mission and saving King’s College.” Tristan orders, “Providing that we get out of here!” mentions Caleb, “ And that won’t be happening on my watch!!!” Lord Kyle exclaims as he entered through the roof using jet boots but never gets a chance to strike as lieutenant Quintin enters using his jet pack, followed by a squadron of jet pack troopers armed not with dual machine guns but highly advanced rifles, “OK, bring him down!” Commanded Quintin and instantly everyone opened fire, even Ned, who was an enemy who happened to be in the room. “Keep, firing!” exclaimed one of lieutenant Quintin’s troops.
Suddenly, there was a massive bang, it was the bombers starting up and it wasn’t time for the bombs to explode!!!



Once there were two brothers; Eddie and Fredrick. It was Christmas Eve and they didn’t know what to get each other or how to get it, because they had no money. Eddie wanted to get a special box for all of the cricket, tennis, golf and other balls Fredrick had found and was collecting. Fredrick wanted to get a little hat and jumper for Eddie to put on his teddy. Fredrick decided he was going to try and trade his ball collection for a little hat and jumper for Eddie’s teddy. He told his mum what he was going to do before setting out to get a present. He came back pleased with the gift he had gotten his brother. Eddie decided to try and trade his teddy to get Fredrick a box for his cricket, tennis, golf and other collection of balls. Eddie also told his mum what he was going to do before going to try and trade. He also came back pleased with the present he had gotten his brother. On Christmas Day they opened their presents from each other and told each other about the trading. They were happy about their presents but Eddie was a bit disappointed because he had no teddy to put the clothes on and Fredrick was a bit disappointed because he had no balls to put in his box. Then their mum came in holding Eddie’s teddy and Fredrick’s ball collection. She gave them their toy and collection and said, “ I think you two deserve these because of your generosity.” The boys were thrilled. The End.
By Jack


THE BRICK by Bailey Harris
One day some young people were playing in the brickyards and had come across the clay mine. The youngest of them saw that it would be easy to traverse down and began to go down into it. The others decided to come to make sure he was safe. Once down inside the children stumbled upon a large clump of clay and called the miners to get it out. Once the clump was obtained the workers began to cook it (after thanking the children of course). Once the brick had been formed and cooked they started to think about how they could use it. The first suggestion was to make it part of a new house, but when they tried that they couldn’t fit it anywhere and went on to the next idea. The next idea was to use it as a community graffiti wall but the council didn’t like the idea. But the council did suggest using it as a tourist attraction, the builders thought this was a great idea and they gave the council the brick to be painted and placed in a tourism strategic area. From that day on the brick was known as “The mighty brick of Charcoal” (as it was painted charcoal black) and became a well known tourist attraction in the plains of cats.


The magic meat
When you think of meat what is the first thing you think of? I know I think of pork.
I’m about to tell you a massive secret about “magic meat”. I will now start telling you…
I was climbing up a slide and saw a stinky disgusting piece of meat. It was blue, green, purple, and brown with fat and bones. I decided to touch it but my finger didn’t want to. My finger just froze like an ice cream. I decided not to get angry at my finger, so I just kept climbing.
After an hour I reached the top.
(now people reading this don’t tell anyone this part.) ”I saw a pork. “ I think I almost passed out because , the pork was soooooo pretty. This time my finger “made” me pick the pork up. I wanted to take the pretty little pork and run, “but” the pork pulled me back down. Then every single slide closed down. I was stuck up the top with the meat. ” suddenly” the pork jumped on my knee and sang in opera, a song he made up called “you’re stuck ha! Ha! I just cracked up I am pretty sure that is one of the funniest things you could imagine. The reason why it was so funny was because, I could just see his mouth moving and every thing.
It was really weird because, as soon as the song was finished all of the slides opened. He then randomly said “congratulations you have reached destination. “you have passed my evil brother and made it up to heaven.
By this time I was way to hypo to take it seriously, and I climbed straight down the slide and grabbed the good meats brother on the way down. But when I reached the bottom I was really scared. I looked up the top and saw the good meat give me a frown.
I had a look around and everything looked like “the evil meat”. My conscience was telling me “the evil meat was attacking”. I looked up at the good meat and he bolted down to me to help. When he got down to me he said,” have you lost your mind, you lost control and tried to eat me and take over meat heaven. “he then said “the only way I could stop you was to turn you into an evil meat.” The meats final words were “ you have failed your destination. “
When he left I went bright red in the face. I was way too scard to even move. When” suddenly”…the evil meat attacked me, he somehow did it so I couldn’t move. I yelled and screamed. My final words were,” NICE MEAT SAVE MEEEEEE! “
After that I have no idea what happened. The nice meat “did” save me. He then randomly said kitchen! and I found myself at school writing this story.
The end


‘Hey Noah,’ do you want to come on holiday with my family and I? We are going to Surf, said Alex. ‘Yes,’ said Noah. Noah went to go pack his beach clothes into his small ruggy old bag. After Noah had packed his clothes they hopped into the car and started travelling. The drive was about three hours long. When they were driving into Surf they saw old wooden houses. In about ten minutes they arrived at their house. It looked like all the other houses but they didn’t mind because they were always on the beach and in the bright blue water surfing or body surfing. It was about 7:30 pm when they went home and had tea. The next morning it was nice and sunny. The sun was a golden brownie colour. The surf did not look great so they went into town and bought an ice-cream. When they had bought their ice-cream they went to go look at the sport and surfing shops. They did not find anything.
The End



I was on a boat in the centre of the Bermuda triangle.
The water as smooth as glass and as transparent as it too.
All I can remember about after than was a massive explosion in my ears and then darkness.

I found myself on the top of a mountain in this place.
I felt different than before though.
And so did the world.
I then figured out why then.

Absolutely everything was made of blocks. And so was I.
I saw a strange animal I had never seen before. It was tall and black and had strange purple eyes.
I was about to go up to it but it just disappeared leaving me only some purple snowflakes on the ground.

I got up and went to a cow who was also very cube-like.
I said to it “do you know where we are?” but it only answered me with a very polite “moo”.
I thought to myself then “I must be going crazy- talking to a cow.” But the cow seemed to like me so I let him follow me around since I could use a fiend in this strange world.
The cow and I actually turned out to be great friends after a while. So I called him Jeffrey. Every morning I would go out exploring and Jeffrey never delayed in coming with me.

One day Jeffrey and I found a small village filled with people who sort of reminded me of a character from a TV show I used to watch called SpongeBob square pants called squid ward.
These “villagers” would make a sort of sighing noise from time to time and I thought I might be able to live with them so I went in a house and declared it Jeffrey’s and mine.
I found a bit of bacon in a chest in the house and also some odd black material.
I decided to study it later but for then I was going to get some wood so I went over to a tree and started hitting it and eventually a block of it broke but to my surprise all the wood that was above it still floated in its place rather than falling.

When I had collected all the wood from the tree I made a table to make things on and then he made a wooden tool that had two ends called a pickaxe.
He mined some stone and made some stone tools and a furnace and a stonecutter.
I suddenly remembered I couldn’t remember MY name either so I called myself Steven. When I had some type of green gemstone I thought of the villagers so I decided to see if they knew anything about it but they just wanted me to trade with them for it so I traded and got a full set of chainmail armour for myself and the same for Jeffrey for he was my only real friend
In this world so I knew I just HAD to protect him.

After a while I found that if I stayed up long enough monsters would appear or “spawn”, preventing me from sleeping.

I decided to study these “monsters” to see what they could do.
He figured the green ones explode ,the spiders poison you, the zombies just hurt you, the skeleton shoot arrows at you, the tall black ones (endermen) teleport and throw blocks at you and the big slimes jump on you and suffocate you.

One peaceful day I saw a strange figure floating over the horizon and when I saw it, it was a three headed flying THING.